Ways to Add Vibrancy and Colors in Kitchen

Nearly every homeowner that loves to cook meals for the family would invest just to have a nice and well-crafted kitchen. Whether you are renovating or designing your new kitchen, there are ways to make your kitchen look vibrant without using bright colors.

Citadines Biyun Shanghai - 2 Bedroom Deluxe Kitchen
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You do not necessarily have to use colors that will match the other parts of the house. In fact, designers would recommend that you use another color scheme. Are you planning to add colors to your kitchen? Here are some ways to do it:


If you prefer shelving instead of cabinetry, you can showcase and place your wares, cups, dishes and other kitchen items that you want display. For instance, you may want to have yellow shelving and use gray walls to have that nice contrast. You may also want to have open shelving. Instead of using a bright color paint, you can paint the interiors of the cabinet to have a much more dramatic look.


But if you have cabinetry, you do not necessarily have to use the same color. The best way is to add color to the cabinetry that is on an the island. If it is not available, you can paint both the top and lower cabinets varying colors. For instance, you can add a nice paint color for your upper cabinet. Use a neutral color like white and the lower cabinet you can use navy blue. If you are bold enough, you can even try a different color like mint green.

Accentuate Walls

Another design tip that will add color to your kitchen is to accent your walls. For instance, you select a ceiling or a wall where you can make an accent wall. This is a very nice way for you to bring out the colors of your cabinets and to make your kitchen look more alive. What is the best color if you do not want to have a bright color? You may opt for light gray or light beige.

Windows and Doors

Some may not notice it but even the smallest of areas that have colors will stand out. That is why you can use the window trim and make it as the focal point of your kitchen. If you have a white kitchen, you may want to add green or blue to the window trim.
Aside from the windows, you can also add colors to your doors. You can paint any color on any of your doors and you can easily have a statement on your door. In selecting a color, you can choose any color.

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