Reasons Why Exterior Paint Peels

Is the paint on your outside walls starting to peel away? This can definitely affect the overall look of your house. So, why does paint just fail or if they work the first time it does not last?

There are reasons why this is the case. Whether it is painting for interior or exterior, you need to know the reasons why it peels away so you can take the appropriate precautions and actions to fix it. You don’t want to waste your money and keep on redoing the paint every time it peels away.

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One of the main factors that cause any paint to peel away is brought about by moisture. When there is condensation and it is starting to build up, paint will start to peel off from the wall. This usually happens to areas where there is no exhaust fan or even if there is it is not working properly like for instance bathrooms. Rain can also cause moisture which can result to cracking or peeling of the paint. That is why you often see roof corners and wood boards where the paint fails.

Utilizing Interior Paint for Exterior

Exterior paint is specially designed to withstand weather elements unlike interior paint. Exterior paint can at least withstand sunlight, dust or rain. What happens when you use interior paint for exterior areas or surfaces? The result is that the paint will flake away simply because this is not the right paint to use on exterior surfaces.

Applying Paint on Unclean Surfaces

When doing any painting job, it is important that you paint on a clean surface especially when you are painting the exterior walls of your house. Prior to your painting, you can use a power washer to clean any dirt that could mix in with the paint. This is very essential and even if the wall appears to be clean under the naked eye, you can never be sure if it is completely clean. Just to be sure, you can check it and if you see rippled areas or any dirt build-up, you should clean.


If you happen to live in highly humid and relatively hot areas, it can result to the paint peeling away. During summer especially when it is really hot, you notice that when you are painting the exterior surface you experience having dried paint or even blisters. To avoid experiencing this problem, it is strongly recommended that you paint in the morning or in the afternoon when the temperature is not so hot.

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