Office Color Ideas

When an office starts to feel a little outdated, plain, or boring, the most effective way to spruce up the space is with a few coats of paint. Painting an office can breathe new life into the area and affect the way people working in the office feel. The color of an office can be so impactful, in fact, that it is important to seriously consider which paint color, or colors, will be used. Though it may seem as easy as picking an appealing color and slapping it onto the walls, there is so much more to painting, and paint colors, than meets the eye.
Choosing the right paint color can increase productivity, foster office friendships and comradery, help ease eye strain and mid-day fatigue, and even boost sales and customer relations. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder choosing a paint color is such a serious matter. Before heading to pick up paint samples, it is important to consider the feeling the office should have. How should those working in the office feel all day? The right paint color can create the right atmosphere, whether it be creative, relaxed, serious, or any other mood. Once paint color options have been thoroughly explored, it’s a good idea to call in a professional team to paint the space. They can provide a professional opinion and make sure the paint application is perfect throughout the space. Once an office is freshly painted, the only thing left to do is enjoy the many benefits the new color provides.
Professions that are centered around creativity are steadily gaining popularity and prevalence. Offices that specialize in art, design, product development, and other creative fields deserve to have a paint theme that is as fun and creative as the people who work there.
The best colors for creative spaces are typically brighter blues, greens, or teal colors. Creative spaces can get away with something that is a little bit brighter than more traditional office spaces. However, even the most creative industries must keep in mind that there is such a thing as ‘too bright’ in an office space. These blues and greens should still be slightly muted. This will help to avoid eye strain and the color will be less likely to distract workers or make them feel anxious.
Not all professional spaces are about hustle and bustle. Many spaces can benefit from being more relaxed and tranquil. Counseling, consulting, natural health, and other slow-paced professions can benefit from a more relaxing paint color. This will make the employees, as well as the clients, feel more calm and comfortable.
To make an office space feel more relaxed, colors with soft, muted hues are ideal. Grays, soft blues, greens, and other earthy tones are best for a relaxed atmosphere. These colors will provide balance and help to ground the room. When employees work in a relaxed atmosphere, they are less likely to be overwhelmed with daily tasks. They are also more likely to feel calm and be kind throughout the day. This can increase overall worker satisfaction and, in turn, make clients happier, too.
Some office can benefit from a rush of energy being pulled into the room. Professions that are peppy, with tasks that may be creative and exciting, will benefit from an energizing paint color. Offices for fashion design, art design, party planning, and other upbeat tasks are naturally energetic. By bringing in a paint color that compliments that constant energy, employees will have more fun performing their daily tasks.
Some energizing colors to bring into an office space are orange, yellow, peach, and pink. These colors can be brighter, but it is still important to keep the colors muted enough that they will not be distracting. A great way to incorporate energizing colors into an office is to paint one wall, an accent wall, with the energizing color. All other walls can be painted a more muted tone. If the accent wall is visible from most areas of the office, it will brighten the whole space without being too overwhelming.

modern office interior

Modern office spaces can be some of the most breathtaking spaces. Even though they are usually minimal, a modern theme can be very impactful. A modern look works well with professions like architecture, web design, and with tech start-ups. The clean lines and striking tones of a modern paint theme will help employees keep their minds clear, improve organization and order, and let clients see that the company they are working with is cutting edge.
Some common modern colors include black, slate gray, and silver tones. With very dark colors, like black and dark gray, it is important that the color is not used throughout the entire space. Dark colors tend to make even the largest of spaces appear small. Instead, it is a good idea to use very dark colors as accents, and then use lighter grays and silvers throughout larger portions of the office. A well-executed modern office space will give a great first impression time and time again.

Very professional offices can benefit from a new coat of paint, as well. More serious professions include law firms, consulting, and finance. When a client is trusting a business with serious matters, it is important that a professional image is conveyed. This will help to keep employees focused on their tasks. It will also help clients to feel more at ease when they leave large matters in the professional’s hands.
Just because the office is a serious, no-nonsense space, doesn’t mean the walls have to be plain and boring. By choosing a sensible, yet striking paint color, serious workplaces can look great while employees get down to business. The best paint colors for an all-business office are deeper hues of gray, warm browns, muted reds, and off whites. To create as professional of an environment as possible, avoid bright colors, and colors that are too dark.

As e-commerce grows and more small businesses are being opened, many offices do not fit into a certain category. For offices that offer unique products and services, there are no set rules for which paint color will work best. The ideal way to figure out a paint color is to consider the personality of the company, its employees, and its customers. Every business has a feeling it would like to evoke, so by considering that feeling and painting accordingly, the perfect paint color can be chosen.
There are very few rules for unique businesses to follow when painting. However, it is still important to use very bright or very dark colors only as accents. It is also a good idea to use muted hues throughout the space, so the walls aren’t distracting. Pinks, reds, yellows, blues, and even patterns can all be used for a unique business. The most important thing to keep in mind it to stay true to the business and make sure the office space fits the company.

Some offices can’t be painted with bold, refreshing colors, for various reasons. Spaces that are rented often have an agreement that paint colors must be neutral and easy to cover, if the tenants are allowed to paint at all. Shared spaces, like multipurpose office complexes, may have so many professions in one area that choosing a color theme may be impossible. But, just because these spaces can’t be painted bright, bold colors doesn’t mean they wouldn’t benefit from a nice coat of paint.
To create an uncomplicated, neutral space, using colors in the beige, white, and off-white family are the perfect way to brighten things up without making a big statement. In these cases, paint is being used to increase the overall look of the office, without changing its style. This is perfect for walls that aren’t in the best shaped, whether from paint chipping, cracking, scuffs marks, or other imperfections. By using neutral colors throughout a space, the office can be brightened up, look much cleaner, and still be cohesive enough for a shared space.

Hire a Professional Painter
Painting a few rooms in a house may be a job for a group of friends and a couple of pizzas, but painting an office space is much more complicated. Offices are professional spaces, so lines should be clean, coats should be even, and paint drips and splatters should not happen. Professional painters will make sure that the job is flawless. Also, those working in the office can focus on their work and leave the painting to the professionals.
In the St. George area, Accent Painting is the professional painting company that can be trusted with jobs big and small. Whether it’s one room, or an entire building, Accent Painting can get the job done. They can provide an outside opinion on paint colors, suggest different hues and application methods, and then complete the job quickly and efficiently. Any space, office or otherwise, can be completely transformed by the skilled painters at Accent Painting in St George, Utah.

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Your Room Color and Your Mood


Boosting the Mood with Room Colors
Finding the best color for a home is a personal choice. Usually, the color scheme for each room is decided solely on the owner’s preferences for the aesthetic. While this is a valid way to choose paint colors, there is one more thing that should be considered before picking up that paintbrush.
The color of a room has a subtle but definite influence on the mood of the people who use it. The mood changing capability of color is what makes it so important to choose the right color for each room. By learning how the colors affect moods, each room can be painted to make the most out of everyone’s mood and energy.

NeutralsThese colors have the least impact on mood and energy. Neutrals include white, beige, gray, black, and all the shades of these colors. Neutrals are great colors to use for those looking to add color to their space with decorative pieces rather than paint. Neutrals, like beige and medium-grays, can evoke a cozy, relaxed mood while white and light grays seem more modern and clean.



Let the sun shine in with this bright and cheery hue. Yellow is the perfect color to evoke happiness and positivity. Yellow is a terrific color for kitchens, living rooms, rooms without big windows, like bathrooms, or any space that could use some cheer.

This calming color comes in a variety of shades, from almost gray to nearly black. The softer shades of blue are perfect for bringing a calm, relaxing, and cozy feel to spaces. Therefore, blue is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. With a coat of paint, bedrooms will transform into a relaxing oasis and bathrooms will feel like a luxurious spa.

Often called a power color, red on the walls will give rooms an energetic feel. Red seems to make people feel more rambunctious and spirited. This makes red a great color to make a first impression in and entryway, stimulate conversation in a dining room, and bring people together in the living room.

This color is reserved for only the most daring of decorators. Purple gives a feeling of depth, luxury, and creativity. While an entire room painted dark purple may be overwhelming, using deeper purples as an accent color gives an amazing look to every space. Using lighter purples has a calming and serene quality, which makes it perfect for bedrooms.

The color best associated with growth and new beginnings, green is a terrific choice for a wall color. With its many different shades, it is possible to find a shade that can be both calming as well as energizing. Green is a great color for every room in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

One of the lesser utilized colors when it comes to painting, orange can be an incredibly beautiful and versatile color throughout a space. Orange brings a sense of energy and enthusiasm into the home, which makes it the perfect color for entryways, workout rooms, or sunrooms.

A Better Mood is a Brushstroke Away
Taking the time to choose colors based on the energy and mood desired for each room will help homeowners to pick colors that will be suitable for years to come. By following this easy guide to colors, finding the perfect shade for every wall will be a breeze.

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